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Using a Face Mask for Protection Against Cold Sores, Strep throat, and a Pandemic

Face masks have been used for centuries to keep the skin squeaky clean, the pores blocked, and the oil glands from working overactive. Face masks have been in existence for much longer than most realize. They were originally used during the medieval time to clean your face in public. Face masks were made to be worn every day. Face masks have been around for many years because they work and they’re easy to use.

Face Mask

A cloth face mask is generally a thick mask, typically made out of coarse textiles, such as wool or cotton, worn directly over the nose and mouth. If physical distancing isn’t possible, and if other effective facial masks aren’t available, then a cloth mask can be used instead. Some people prefer to use a face mask for tasks that require fine control of the movements of the face. It can also be used during sports or exercising, if the sport requires you to move your head while maintaining proper positioning, since the mask will provide support for the entire scalp.

Many different kinds of face masks are used today, some made from organic materials, and others with synthetic fabrics. There are organic fibers such as bamboo that are very breathable and won’t add additional moisture to the air, nor cause perspiration. These types of masks also have a tendency to absorb all the moisture in the air, leaving the skin dry. In contrast, synthetic fabrics are made to provide a barrier that retains moisture in the air, helping to keep your skin dry.

To wear a face mask, simply put it on and slip it over your nose and mouth. If you wear glasses, you may want to use a splint on your glasses to keep them from becoming knocked off, but if you don’t, just remember to close your eyes whenever you wear a face mask. Some masks, called “purification” masks, can be worn during sports or exercise, to eliminate bacteria. You can also choose to wear an air purifier to keep your breathing air fresh. These masks are usually made from silicon gels, which are designed to provide excellent air circulation.

You can wash face masks after every time you wear them. To clean them, just make sure to rinse the fabric with warm water and a mild soap, as soap tends to make the bacteria and other microorganism stay on the mask, rather than being washed away. If the mask gets dirty or stained, simply wipe it clean with a wet towel, or simply spray it with any cleaner of your choice and shake it until it is clean. You can also leave your face mask in the washing machine on a low cycle. This will rinse off the soap and then allow it to dry naturally.

If you need a more comfortable and reliable solution to colds, the next time you get one, try using a face mask. Not only do they provide excellent protection, but they also have a tendency to prevent or at least greatly reduce any discomfort associated with having an uncomfortably cold or a sore throat. This solution can be a huge time saver, as well, as it means that you won’t have to take time out of your busy schedule to go to a clinic or doctor’s office in order to obtain an adequate level of treatment.

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