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Using a Face Mask to Prevent Infections

If you have ever wanted to play a prank on someone or a friend, or you simply want to give them a good old fashioned beauty makeover, consider using a face mask. These small accessories, when used sparingly, can go a very long way to changing the personality and appearance of anyone who wears them. They are often found in black, green, red, yellow and blue colors and come in a variety of styles. The masks may be used to simply give a more unique look, or to address medical concerns and needs.

Face Mask

A face mask consists of a piece of fabric, typically a square one-yard piece of cloth, that is tied around the nose and mouth, then pulled over the teeth and pulled back into place. The fabric is then cut to custom fit the individual’s face, taking into account factors such as facial width and bone structure. The fabric is then sewn in place and stitched together to create the effect of a collage. Usually, an adhesive is used to hold the pieces together, although other methods may be used if the individual desires. Often, these items are used for special events and celebrations. When used to address a medical concern or when masking an airway, however, they are less practical.

Using a face mask in this manner does require a bit of thought. In order to get the best fit and appearance, it is important that the individual wear only a few layers of fabric. Ideally, the wearer should wear only two layers, which can be of the same color, if possible. This allows the wearer to achieve the layered look, rather than having the layers of fabric pile up on top of each other and weigh down the face.

When worn properly, a face mask will not only allow the wearer to breathe more easily, but will also protect the wearer from getting bacteria on his or her skin. One major benefit of the double layer system is that it traps moisture so that the person wearing the item does not have to worry about sweating to stay moist. This means that the germs causing illness are not able to travel underneath the surface of the clothing. Since the filters can be easily removed, those who wear the items will have fresher skin than those who do not. By keeping the pores closed, they will avoid the spread of bacteria and germs, which can cause major discomfort.

To wear a face mask to keep from spreading germs, people can choose to wear them under a surgical mask. While those who wear surgical face masks will need to wear them during surgery, they can still be used as preventative measures. Those who are at risk for developing illness should consider working to limit their exposure to household pets. Although household pets include cats and dogs, they can carry a variety of virus and bacteria. If they are allowed to go outside, those who wear masks can help them to avoid coming into contact with the animals.

For people who are concerned about the odor of animal droppings, they should invest in a surgical mask that covers the nose as well as the mouth. These types of masks can be worn in or around the nose to completely eliminate the offensive smell. They can also be worn to cover only the nose so that the person’s face is covered and cannot be contaminated by the dirt and discharge. While these types of masks may take some getting used to, they are significantly more effective at containing the odor than traditional methods. The reason that they are less effective in capturing airborne bacteria is because they simply cannot trap the scent of bacteria and viruses. Instead, the person must blow his or her nose gently so that any foul odor comes out of the mouth rather than the nose and throat.

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