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Using a Face Mask To Reduce Dust And Germ Exposure

Face Mask

Using a Face Mask To Reduce Dust And Germ Exposure

A cloth face mask is typically a simple mask, usually made from natural textiles, such as cotton, used over the nose and mouth. Though some people use masks made of synthetic materials to treat skin conditions such as acne, a cloth face mask has many advantages over other types. Even if physical distancing isn’t possible, and if other effective facial masks aren’t available, cloth masks can provide almost the same benefits.

To start with, face masks made from natural fabrics don’t provide many opportunities for breaking in. Natural fabrics tend to shed their shape as they are worn, and new shapes are unable to be woven in. Breaking in a new mask is difficult. However, cloth masks tend to last much longer than many other types of face masks, perhaps because they are more tightly packed with air cells and other cushioning layers.

In addition, cloth face masks are often more comfortable to wear. Wearing a tight mask on the outside can cause chaffing and discomfort, especially in warmer weather or when wearing a scarf, hat, or bandana. On the flip side, natural fabrics can help keep perspiration away from the skin. If you’re wearing a mask to protect your nasal passages from the elements or from someone else’s irritation, then comfort can be an important factor. Many people would take comfort over looks if they knew they were going to be negatively affected by their clothing choices.

There’s another benefit to wearing a face mask in public places. Sweaty hands can spread bacteria quite easily. And when you touch sweat dripping onto a human face, you’re touching the bacteria’s face as well. Though some pathogens can hide themselves as tiny droplets of water, these droplets can also transfer bacteria. So, the next time you’re at the gym or the mall, keep your hands out of your face to reduce the risk of transmitting disease.

A nose mask is another option to consider when choosing what kind of mask to wear. Not only is it important for covering the nose, it helps prevent a runny nose by keeping mucus from getting stuck in the crevices of the mask. A good nose mask will fit tightly and won’t fall off, and it may also have an air pump attached to the mask to push air down the nose for maximum effect.

Natural fabrics such as cotton are more comfortable to wear than synthetic materials. They’ll also help to avoid any “run-off” that can occur with synthetic materials droplets trickling down the face coverings and onto other surfaces in and around the wearer. When choosing which face coverings to wear, think about how the fabric will be affected if not worn properly. If possible, choose a fabric that won’t wrinkle or fade over time. This will also help to maintain its appearance.

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