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Using A Face Mask To Treat Your Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

A face mask, also known as a car mask, is a sleep mask designed to keep your nasal cavities dry during your night of rest. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to cut straight across your cheeks to get a good fit. Instead, make a gentle slice across your cheeks and hold the edge of your mask with your middle finger and thumb. This should ensure that your mask does not slip down your chin. If you are worried about slipping, use a plastic or wooden chopstick to push the mask into place.

A cpap surgical mask, on the other hand, is worn to reduce or eliminate the excessive secretion of mucus during sleep. Because these types of surgical masks can be very expensive, you may consider cheaper alternatives like disposable liquid droplets. These are available at most drugstores and even department stores. In addition, these types of masks can be washed in your shower and reused as many times as you like.

The differences between a face mask that is CPAP and splashes are simple. The splashes are used to reduce or eliminate the excessive secretion of mucus, whereas the CPAP works to draw away the excessive air from your lungs. The difference in the two is that the splashes only address the surface problems of your respiratory system. They will not help small particles from entering your airways. A surgical mask may also aid your breathing, but it works primarily through drawing away large-particle droplets.

If you suffer from snoring or breathe through your mouth, you should definitely consider splashes before face masks. Even if you use the smaller, disposable liquid droplets, you will still notice a difference in how your breath smells and feels after waking up. You will probably also notice a difference in the way your stomach responds to the warmth of your sleep. The smaller, more disposable units allow for more air to travel throughout your body and into your lungs. This increased airflow promotes more even heating, which reduces the stress caused by the tightness of your breathing muscles.

If you decide to use splashes instead of a face mask or ear loops, you will need a pair of elbow or wrist splashes that fit over your nose and under your chin to cover the widest part of your nose. The wide mouth design makes them ideal for use with CPAP machines, but they are also well suited to other forms of therapy as well. These items are also available in sizes ranging from extra large to extra small so that you can find a size that is right for you. You may also have the option to order a custom-fit mask if you are unable to find one that is to your specifications.

While splashes are a popular method of eliminating excess nasal and mouth bacteria, you might also consider using your own saline solution. Saline is available anywhere good health food stores are located, and it comes in a variety of different strengths and pH levels to suit each individual. Saline can be used as an alternative to mouthwash, though it is less effective at killing bacteria compared to antibacterial solutions. Using a saline based face mask could help to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria while also providing a refreshing feeling that helps combat inflammation and other symptoms.

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