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Using a Medical Face Mask During Surgery

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Using a Medical Face Mask During Surgery

A medical face mask, also commonly known as a surgical face mask is designed to be worn only by trained medical professionals during medical procedures. During an operation, the face should be protected from direct exposure to a sterilized instrument or to an open wound. A medical face mask is a disposable surgical mask that is used for sterilization.

These masks are used in surgeries to create an airtight, sterile and germ free environment. In some cases, doctors may need to use these masks in order to minimize risks of infection while operating on a patient. It is best that a patient knows how to use a surgical face mask in order to minimize the risks involved with surgery and to ensure the highest quality of life possible.

An experienced medical technician or doctor will usually wear a face mask during the operating procedure. Before surgery, the medical technician or doctor will clean his face with antibacterial cleanser. After washing the face, the doctor will place a face mask over the patient’s nose and mouth area. This ensures that a sterile airway is maintained during the procedure.

If a patient has a history of allergic reactions, it is very important to understand that the face should be cleaned properly before the surgical mask is worn. One way to perform this is by using a cotton ball dipped in antibacterial soap. The patient should then clean his face using a moist cloth and a mild soap, preferably one without alcohol or bleach.

Sterile gloves should also be worn to prevent the spread of bacteria. In some cases, it is not necessary for a patient to wear the disposable face mask during the surgery; however, he or she should know how to use a face mask to protect their face during the procedure. A patient should always make sure that he or she is wearing a face mask while eating, drinking and smoking.

The doctor’s instructions will also vary, depending on the patient. For instance, a patient who is having a breast reduction should never be allowed to touch a part of the breast before the incision has been made. If a patient is undergoing an operation where a hole is drilled into the cheekbone, the doctor may require that the patient wears a face mask when the hole is drilled. The only time that a patient is allowed to remove their face cover is if they have completed the operation or to remove the hole.

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