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Using Disposable Medical Masks to Protect Staff From airborne Dust Particles and Disease-Causing Pathogens

An eye mask, also called an eye face mask or a medical face mask is designed to be worn by healthcare professionals during various medical procedures to prevent airborne transmitted infections in healthcare workers and patients. The use of face masks during surgery reduces the risk of transmission of infection to patients undergoing surgery by reducing the risk of blood being splattered on operating tables. Eye face masks are designed to fit comfortably over the entire face for best protection.

They have different features such as snug fit around the nose, wide enough to cover the nose and mouth, and a non-stretch elastic band at the edge for a secure and comfortable fit. Some are made from vinyl-like material and equipped with snap-on adhesive back which makes removal easy. In some instances, disposable face shields are used in place of a full face shield, since disposable face shields may be more easily disposable and easier to replace.

Nose and cloth masks are made by fitting soft, flexible plastic nosepieces into a reusable sleeve. Since the nosepiece can be removed, it eliminates any possibility of a nasal blockage. Cloth masks, with snaps for removal, are often used during nose and ear surgery. They can also be used for application of pressure to the forehead to reduce sweating.

Face shields for public health and safety should be worn with disposable face masks. Disposable face masks should be cleaned according to directions in the manufacturer’s manual. If they are used regularly they should be replaced every six months or according to the manufacturer’s instructions. During seasons when respiratory infections are prevalent, face shields can be washed and disinfected according to the directions in the manufacturer’s manual.

Sweaty hands can transmit viruses and bacteria from the face and into the mucous membrane. Face shields can reduce the spread of cold and flu viruses, which can be particularly useful in the summer months when swimming can be a risk. Nasal drops help reduce the transmission of rhino influenza, the common cause of serious nose and throat infections. Fabric nose clips prevent the entry of dirt and debris that may get trapped in the interior of the nose. In order to effectively remove particles from the face, nose clips can be used with a nasal spray that contains anti-bacterial chemicals. The anti-bacterial compound can kill virus-causing bacteria and thereby prevent the spread of dangerous diseases.

Cleaning and disinfecting medical staff working with a range of hazardous materials is essential. In the past, surgical masks may have been used to protect doctors from airborne dust particles and infectious patients. As a result, these protective materials may have compromised the health of medical staff. Today, there are disposable, easy to use, disposable masks available that ensure that surgical masks are always in use and provide protection to medical staff against infectious risks.

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