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Using Fabric Face Masks To Enhance Your Look

Create a unique Custom Face Mask for your next event. Choose from two different sizes: small and large. Features include double-sided adhesive backing, swivel head-gear with Velcro closure, two-way adjustable elastic bands, removable sump pump included. The mask is easy to assemble with pre-made mask forms. The kit includes mask pads to protect your skin from scratches.

Large Custom Face Masks: For large gatherings, such as trade shows, conventions, or social functions, large custom face masks are a great way to display your brand. Custom printed face masks are easy to use for large group settings. This option makes it easy to personalize the look of every attendee. They can be customized with your logo or custom logo.

Fashion Statement: Printed fashion statements are always a popular choice. Large custom face masks can be used to make a statement at any function. This type of fashion mask is ideal for proms, graduations, corporate functions, and charity events. Custom printed, removable sump pump masks can also be used as a fashion statement.

Soft Cloth Face Coverings: Using soft cloth face masks make a fashion statement. Use them to cover a baby doll’s face in a baby shower or to cover the faces of your pets at animal shelters. Soft cloth face mask options are ideal for making a statement. These cloth face masks will help you create the look you want. Choose from velour, satin, polyester, or cotton fabric face covering options. These options will help you create the look you desire.

Fun Face Painting: Printing designs on custom face masks makes a fun activity. Create fun designs like teddy bears, soccer balls, hearts, and clowns for birthday parties. For a creative twist to use a hot glue gun to add decorations to the masks. You can paint with bright colors, put funny graphics and quotes on the face masks, or use them for a more dramatic look.

Imprinted Design Area: If you opt for an imprint area, choose an area that is easily customized. It should be large enough to accommodate your desired design and the printing process. The area must be large enough to accommodate the full design of your custom cloth masks. If you do not have space for an imprint area, opt for a mask with a large custom print. A large, fully customized print will enhance the overall look of your event.

Health Awareness: When it comes to events held at school functions, the students and parents need to know they are protecting their children. Use health awareness fabrics to educate the crowd about illness. Fabric that has the logo of a popular health organization or has an illustration of a medical situation on it is a great choice for this purpose. Consider using cloth face masks made from medical grade vinyl to make this a special event.

Protect Your Ear Locks: Whether you use cloth face masks with removable ear loops or face masks without them, it is important to cover them when not in use. Use fabric that is washable or have reusable ear loops. Remove any stickers from ear loops before putting them in the mask. Stickers, decals, and adhesives can damage the mask if they get into the inner workings of the ear loops.

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