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Using the Fortnite Character System to Your Advantage

Fortnite is one of the most anticipated video games of the year and is in fact the most played game on the game distribution platform, Steam. This is because it is a huge fan favorite, but that is not the only reason why it is so highly requested by a lot of players who enjoy playing it and also because of the special features that are packed into it.

If you have never played Fortnite before then this is going to be a great introduction to the game because all you need to know is the character system. The character system in Fortnite consists of three major parts that include your character, your weapons and your armor. Each of these parts is used in a specific way and will give your character an advantage when using them in battle.

Your character is your avatar that you use in the game to perform a multitude of actions such as moving, attacking and traversing through the various levels. For example, when you are performing any type of movement such as jumping, you will use your left analogue stick to control your character. It will appear to be somewhat clunky at first, but once you start playing then you will soon be enjoying it. The advantage that you will gain is that it allows you to traverse the levels in a much faster pace, which is very important if you want to survive the game.

Weapons on the other hand are also divided into three categories; melee, automatic and firearms. It is important to note that the melee weapons will hit enemies and deal much more damage than the other two categories and that is what we are going to focus on here. The melee weapons that you can use for attack are the machete, machetes, slingshots and throwing knives.

Ammunition is also another part of weaponry and it consists of both ammunition and fuel which is used to refill your ammunition meter. The different types of ammunition are bullets, grenades and even energy ammo. Each ammunition type has a different amount of fuel needed to reload it, depending on its usage and level of use.

Armor on the other hand are also divided into two categories; power armor and assault armor. The type of armor that you will use is determined by your level of play and is determined by the level of risk that you are willing to take while playing the game.

With the use of your weapons and armor, you can easily traverse the different levels of the game in a shorter amount of time compared to how long it takes you to reach the same destination on your own. You can easily find some interesting activities in Fortnite such as horseback riding, exploration, and hunting, where you can meet different types of creatures and other players on the game.

As you play the game, you will come across different kinds of enemies that you can fight and these enemies will usually carry different kinds of weapons, depending on their level of expertise. Fortnite is a great game to play especially for people who have already mastered the game and for people who would love to engage in a multiplayer gaming session.

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