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What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Face Mask in Public Places?

Face Mask

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Face Mask in Public Places?

A face mask, also known as a facial irrigation mask, is any cosmetic or medical device used to irrigate and protect the skin. Facial irrigation masks come in various types, designs and materials. Face masks can be composed of simple air-tight plastic masks, disposable plastic or silicon masks, cloth, gauze or cloths with holes or openings in the top. A cloth face mask, often made of natural textiles, is generally a thin mask worn directly over the nose and mouth, designed to irrigate and soften the skin.

When face masks can be worn without a face shield, the name is “face mask without a face shield.” When face shields are available, the style is often called “face shieldless.” They have no impact on the appearance of the wearer, but some disadvantages have been identified. Face masks designed for evacuating dust, fumes and smoke do require a face mask to ensure the wearer is breathing air in a safe manner. When the physical distances isn’t possible, and if more efficient cloth masks aren’t available, then face masks with openings in the top are ideal.

The benefits of wearing face masks include protection from irritants, such as smoke or chemicals, that may enter the nose or mouth through the hands. The benefits of handwashing are that it helps to reduce the spread of germs. Wearing face masks that open to provide the wearer with an easy way to wash their hands. Hands that are clean to help to reduce the spread of illness-causing bacteria. Another advantage to hand washing is that it helps to prevent bacteria from entering the eye.

An important consideration for the public places that have large populations of people, such as public schools, is the risk of contracting a common cold or the flu. The illnesses caused by these viruses are usually widespread throughout a large area. However, the larger population within the public places makes it easier for the virus to be contracted. In addition, elderly persons are more prone to the flu and therefore face masks are required at times when the elderly are visiting these places.

A second risk is the transfer of the virus, from one person to another. If large numbers of people are visiting the same place, then the virus can easily spread between them. For example, the virus may be contracted by touching an object that has been used by someone else. However, there are also other ways in which the virus can spread. This includes touching an object when the person sneezes, coughs or breaks out in a cold.

There are several types of face mask used to control the amount of exhalation from the nose. The most common are nose clips and nasal strips. Nose clips are held in place by a plastic post. These can either be worn above the nose or completely covering the nose and mouth. These are usually white in color, making it difficult to spot others who wear similar masks.

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