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What Are the Different Types of Face Masks?

A facial mask is basically a face cover, made from common fabrics, such as cotton or linen, worn over the nose and cheeks to prevent sweat from entering the pores. If physical distancing is completely impossible, and if most face masks are not readily available, cloth face masks can be used instead. It is important to choose the right cloth mask for your skin type and your needs. You will need to consult with your doctor if you have special health needs. Cloth masks are easy to use, quick to dry and comfortable to wear.

Surgical Masks. Surgical masks can be one of the safest forms of face coverings available. Because they are custom-made, only the best materials are used and they provide the tightest fit. There are some instances where the material is too loose, though, because it can fall down in case of an accidental kiss or an accidental touch.

Nasal Bandage. A nasal bandage is a plastic sleeve that is worn around the nose to keep it closed. This is used in patients with a deviated septum, nasal polyps, or those who have a naturally narrow airway. Patients who frequently breathe through their mouth may also benefit from this form of face mask. It is worn in the same way as a surgical mask, and it is frequently used to reduce the amount of noise and vibrations experienced by the patient during sleep.

Respirator. A respirator, or full face mask, is another option that can be used to prevent the spread of allergens and bacteria. It fits comfortably over the entire face and head and can be adjusted easily for optimal air flow.

General Public. There are no standards for the production of surgical masks for the general public, as these masks are meant to meet the special needs of those who are bed ridden or immune-compromised. Common types of general public surgical masks include a wide-band face mask that covers a large area of the head, a face shield, a non-sterile non-microwave respirator, and a disposable.

All of these products offer many benefits to those who need them. The best brands will include an easy to use adjuster that makes it simple for the wearer to change the fit, as well as features such as disposable and pre-mixed with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal materials. Some manufacturers offer allergy alerts and disposable or pre-mixed with anti-bacterial properties. Manufacturers of these products will also offer various replacement and repair services for these products.

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