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What Are the Preventive Measures of a Face Mask?

Face masks have multiple cosmetic benefits for individuals looking to improve their appearance. Whether it’s aging, allergies, wrinkles or other reasons, face masks can be used to temporarily or permanently improve your skin tone, appearance, skin texture, facial muscles and skin suppleness. Face masks are usually used during the day, often in the morning before your first meal, but they are also useful at night before bedtime. You can even use them once or twice a week if you’d like to take advantage of their multi-purpose capabilities.

Face Mask

A surgical mask, sometimes called a facial steamer, is a small plastic mask used over your nose and mouth, usually with a nozzle attached to a bottle or container. The idea of a face mask, essentially, is to provide complete protection from steam or water while drying your skin. While many cloths and surgical masks can be used as a steamer, they are typically less effective, can cause redness or irritation around the nose or mouth, can lead to discomfort, and can require that you constantly breath through your mouth in order to keep your nasal cavities clear. When surgical masks aren’t available, and when complete protection isn’t possible, cloth face masks are a viable option.

A breathing mask, on the other hand, is designed to prevent carbon dioxide from entering the lungs during breathing. The theory behind a breathing mask is that by preventing excess CO2 entry, you prevent the formation of bacteria and other harmful air borne pollutants. While this effect can be somewhat limited with disposable masks, if your goal is to prevent all forms of air borne pollutants from entering the lungs, then a face mask may be your best option.

Liquid droplets are another type of face mask that can be worn during the day. These types of surgical masks, as their name suggests, are worn during the night. Liquid droplets are typically made up of a special material that is not harmful to the wearer, but can prevent the wearer’s breathing passages from being blocked by the liquid droplets. These types of liquid masks have been used for years as an alternative to disposable nasal pillows.

Ear loops are another type of face mask that are often used during the day. An ear loop is a long tube that connects the mask to the ear. One end of the ear loop may connect to a disposable plastic bag that is worn underneath the mask or over the ear. The other end of the ear loop can be attached to a chin strap or waist loop, which keeps the mask attached to the face throughout the night. Ear loops are a convenient alternative to disposable breathing masks because they don’t block the breathing passages, but instead allow the wearer to keep the mask attached at all times.

The last, and probably most important thing to know about face masks is that they prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Contacts are the primary way that people get the virus, so wearing a face mask prevents the spread of the infection. This is particularly important because people who suffer from COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease are at high risk for developing pneumonia or emphysema. If the person with these conditions isn’t treated, then the virus can progress to the point where it will be fatal. Contacts can also prevent the spread of this virus, if used during the time the patient is having symptoms.

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