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What Is a Cold and Flu Spread?

A facial cloth face mask, also called a nasal mask, is a thin transparent mask worn around the nose and mouth, designed to drain away contaminants. In some cases, cloth masks can help to prevent colds from coming up through the nose and into the throat by trapping moisture against the face. If physical distancing isn’t possible, or if a more effective face mask isn’t readily available, then a cloth facial mask is ideal.

Facial masks have two parts: the face mask itself, which covers the nose, mouth, and cheeks; and a face exhalation valve, which connects to the cloth at the inner end. The cloth is most commonly dyed to match the facial color, although this isn’t always necessary. The valve is usually attached to the face mask itself, so it’s very secure. Many cloth masks also have plastic strips at the top corners that pull slightly upwards to hold the cloth in place. These strips are also used for ventilation purposes.

Many different types of face masks can be worn, depending on the purpose and the severity of an allergy. For example, an allergy sufferer can wear a colloidal silver or copper one if needed. Colloidal silver and copper are often combined in a solid form, such as a colloidal oatmeal face mask. Allergic reactions can also be reduced by using nasal sprays made from lecithin, which is an important moisturizer. Most antihistamines today contain lecithin, which can help to reduce itching and swelling caused by allergies.

Another purpose for a face mask in the home is during travel, whether for a short trip, a long vacation, or a business retreat. In a sick person’s case, a thick heavy material nose mask worn during air travel can help prevent serious problems from occurring. If traveling by land, thick cotton or vinyl nose plug can be worn to keep the mucus down and prevent moisture from entering the nose. This keeps water from entering the lungs and increases the chances of breathing easier.

In addition to travel, the wearing of a face mask while at home can prevent and reduce damage done to the eyes. Damage to the eyelids can be reduced with the use of a heavy plastic shield over the eye. A similar approach can be taken with the protection of the cheeks, chin, and jaw. This protection may come in the form of a face shield worn while washing dishes, or a face shield while brushing teeth.

Because the symptoms of colds and flu can include cough, sneezing, headache, fatigue and a runny nose, a variety of cold and flu spread through various forms of illness is very common. Because a cold and flu spread can be so harmful to the body, most people would prefer to use an effective cold and flu spread control method other than using ordinary bandages and face covers. Using an effective cold and flu spread prevention technique can go a long way toward reducing the numbers of outbreaks that occur during cold seasons.

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