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What Is a Custom Face Mask?

Custom masks and printed face masks with personalized logo are great for commercial settings which require disposable masks for employees. Custom printed face masks and face shields provide a secure cover over the eyes to prevent any rubbing and also help maintain your identity at the same time. A latex mask and elastic band ensure an easy fit for all. Masks are available in various sizes and colors. Custom printed masks with customized logo can be used in a number of different ways.

Face masks are used during meetings, conferences, conventions and training programs. They are an effective way of communication as well as a way to show professionalism. Custom printed or imprinted face masks can be a great incentive to the team leader. Custom printed or imprinted masks have the ability to grab the attention of the participants, as they provide a focal point for the event.

An excellent choice for corporate functions and celebrations, custom face masks and printed sweat bands are a fashion statement in and of themselves. Custom masks designed to mimic famous personalities are ideal for fun events such as parties. The possibilities are endless for an event planner when considering the style, shape and color of custom face masks. Popular figures or famous slogans can be used as inspiration for the design of a particular mask which can be worn, during an event, as a fashion statement and ultimately, to promote a company.

Custom printed or imprinted face masks can be custom designed and imprinted using a wide variety of materials including, leather, vinyl, foam, mesh, fleece, and vinyl/wire. Some popular materials used for the printing process include polystyrene (a polyurethane material), acrylics, polyester, spandex, vinyl, metal (silver, gold, copper, brass, bronze, nickel), resins and thermoplastic. A wide variety of designs and styles are available in a variety of colors as well. The most common colors chosen for custom printed sweat band necklaces and ear wrap are, black, white, grey, red, pink, blue, green, ivory, cream and yellow. Popular sizes range from small to large with each style varying in shape and design. Popularly asked questions relating to custom printed face masks include:

Will my business card, brochure or flier to be printed on the same mask? Will my custom printed eye pads or printed sweat bands be sewn into my mask? How many ear loops will I need? Will the face masks, printed sweat band necklaces and ear loops are embroidered, engraved or silk screened?

Face masks can be designed, sewn and personalized in a number of different ways depending on the manufacturer, customer specifications and budget limitations. Premium quality face masks that meet or exceed the guidelines set forth in our standard packages are the highest quality. This is also the price range that most customers spend their money on. It may be beneficial to experiment with the above questions and look at your budget limitations. You may find that you are able to customize your premium quality custom made mask by simply changing one or two aspects of the standard design.

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