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What is a Face Mask?

Face Mask

What is a Face Mask?

A surgical face mask is often designed to be worn by medical professionals during surgery. It is made to prevent infections and treating staff and patients by capturing germs shed by patients and droppings in drool and liquid droppings from the patient’s nose and mouth.

Surgical masks are typically worn at a surgical facility or hospital where surgical procedures are being performed. They are usually worn by nurses and technicians that provide services that require the use of a surgical mask while performing surgery, such as when working with an anesthetist.

Surgical masks are often made from sterile material and are disposable. Many surgical masks have disposable liners made of sterile cotton. They are usually made to fit a standard nose and mouth size but it may be necessary to order a custom size for individuals that are wearing special face masks during surgery.

Some surgical masks come equipped with disposable nasal strips to make breathing easier during surgery. They are often used by doctors to ensure that the patient’s airway is clear, so any infections can be treated early on. If the patient experiences difficulty in breathing, he or she will need to take their prescribed medications in order to breathe easier. Another medical necessity in which these disposable nasal strips come in very handy is in providing relief from excessive mucus and pain associated with ear tubes.

Many hospitals or health facilities now offer disposable face masks in the event that a patient breaks one during a surgery or infection occurs while treating a patient. These disposable face masks can be reused many times over and will last for several years. When ordering disposable face masks, many insurance companies will pay a portion of the cost of the disposable face masks that the patient needs. This is a cost that most patients are not willing to pay for the sake of saving money.

Many patients choose disposable face masks to avoid having the risk of acquiring an infection while under the care of a medical professional. Some physicians will even recommend that his or her patients wear disposable face masks if they are experiencing problems with their breathing while under the care of a surgical nurse or anesthesia.

Some patients also choose disposable nose strips because these strips are used to remove food particles from the nasal passages. Food particles are a common cause of infections, especially in the nose. It is a common practice among doctors to clean out nasal passages after surgery using disposable nose strips in order to remove food particles that might have stuck in the nostrils.

Some physicians will also order disposable face masks for those patients that have chronic rhinitis that involves the nasal passages. Rhinitis is the inflammation of the nose and sinuses caused by allergies and infections and will require a nasal spray that is intended to eliminate those organisms.

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