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What Is a Medical Face Mask Used For?

A medical face mask is designed to be used by health practitioners in a number of health care environments such as laboratories, surgery rooms and other areas where sterile work surfaces are required. The mask has a white face mask covering with a light blue mask covering.

The mask should be made from plastic with no adhesives or straps and the edges should be sharp and smooth so that it doesn’t scratch or cut the skin. A surgical mask is usually worn by medical staff during surgery procedures. The red side of the mask should be worn outwards, with the lighter blue side inside. It is important to ensure that the surgical mask is clear, but not discoloured because the patient will have an open eye and the colour could affect the operation.

If your medical staff are using these masks, they should clean them after every use and wash with soap and water before putting on again. If they choose not to clean after each use, the disinfectant in the cleaner can transfer onto the patient’s face. Some medical staff like to put a small amount of bleach onto the cleaning cloth and wipe the face with it. This is not recommended and can cause irritation to the eyes, nose and throat.

In order for the medical staff to be able to see clearly, it is important that the face mask is the right size. You can measure the mask using a measuring tape, but in the case of masks which have different sized holes you need to have a professional fit it to the face. There should be no gaps between the holes, otherwise you may have a leak or other problem later on. If you need to buy a custom made face mask it is best to get one that is slightly larger than the holes so that it won’t be uncomfortable and make it difficult to breathe.

For some health problems, it is possible for a mask to have an emergency stop button which is pressed when the doctor is aware of an emergency. If the stop button is pressed, it will stop the mask air supply and allow the patient to breathe normally again. If the stop button is left alone, the patient will lose consciousness.

It is important that the face mask is used correctly so that it provides adequate ventilation and that it does not irritate the eyes, nose and throat of the patient. By following the manufacturer’s instructions it should be able to provide adequate ventilation and provide complete relief to the patient.

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