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What is a Surgical Face Mask?

A surgical face mask is defined as a protective mask designed to be worn only by medical professionals while performing medical procedures. It is meant to reduce the risk of patients to be infected while undergoing surgeries and it is not intended to remove sweat or make the patient feel uncomfortable while in the operation theatre. It is usually worn on the face or on the nose. A medical face mask has two lenses that are intended to prevent any air leaks from escaping from the mask to the patient’s eyes.

The surgical face mask has four major components, which are made up of the upper lid that has an adjustable strap and the nasal pad that is used to keep the patient from blinking his or her eyes or coughing while the face is covered with the face mask. The two smaller lids are made from plastic and the lower lid, which are located on the nose is made out of plastic. It is secured by a pin.

The surgical face mask is usually available with different designs, sizes and shapes. Some surgical masks are designed to cover the whole face while some are meant for certain areas of the face. The most common design is the closed-mouth face mask that is designed to reduce the risk of the patient to inhale foreign objects and mucus. Some surgical masks are designed in such a way that it will prevent the patient’s airway from opening while he or she is breathing.

There are different types of surgical face masks available today. They include closed-mouth masks, open-mouth masks and nasal air masks. Open-mouth and nasal air masks are designed in a way that they can be used in the prevention of nasal congestion and nasal obstruction while the patient is breathing. Closed-mouth masks are designed in such a way that it prevents any air from escaping from the face. However, the nasal air masks are designed in such a way that it allows air to flow through the nose while the patient breathes.

In addition, there are other parts of the surgical face mask like the eye cup and the chin strap which are designed to ensure that the patient does not blink while in the face mask. The nose strap provides support to the nose by holding it in place while the face mask is placed over the nose and is attached to the upper lid. The nose cup also helps in keeping the patient’s airway clear from dust and mucus.

Although a face mask is not meant to remove sweat, it is advisable that the patient should wear it when he or she is engaging in strenuous physical activities, especially those activities that require him or her to be in direct contact with other people. This includes playing soccer and diving into water.

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