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What Is a Surgical Face Mask?

A surgical face mask, also called an endoscopic surgical face mask, is designed specifically for medical professionals to wear while performing a surgical procedure. This type of mask has many advantages over traditional mask types; they allow the wearer to get proper oxygen flow into his or her airway and reduce the amount of discomfort during surgery. For those undergoing a facial procedure, wearing a surgical face mask can help to reduce the pain and swelling, and ease the patient’s overall recovery process.

When looking at a surgical face mask, you will first notice that it is designed to provide clear air flow, so that patients are able to breath without problems. In addition to providing proper air flow, the surgical face mask has a chin strap that keeps the mask from coming loose, and a strap on the back that goes around the head and keeps it secure.

Once a patient is placed into a face mask, it is vital that there is adequate room in the nasal passage so that the surgeon can access the sinuses without having to move his or her chin. For this reason the surgical face mask has a built-in nasal masking system. This includes two separate tubes, one for the nose and one for the mouth, which are attached to a central air supply valve.

While an endoscope is being inserted into the patient, the surgeon will be able to get the airway clear of obstruction through suction. As the air passes through the endoscope, it is able to go directly through the patient’s sinuses, bypassing any obstructions that may be present. During the procedure, the airway is then cleaned of debris and mucous. Once this is done, the surgeon can then begin to make the incisions that will take the nasal passages and help them open up.

When the incisions have been made, the air passageway should remain free of obstruction for the rest of the procedure. During this time, the surgeon should ensure that the nasal passage is clear, because it will be necessary to remove excess mucous from the area in order to prevent postoperative infection.

Another benefit of wearing a surgical face mask is that it helps to reduce the amount of discomfort during the surgery, because it provides extra support to the face. This support also helps the patient to breathe easier, especially when breathing into a face mask. When the patient is wearing the surgical mask for the entire surgery, there will be less pressure on the throat and esophagus, making the entire experience much easier.

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