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What Is A Surgical Face Mask Used For?

A surgical face mask, also called an extracorporeal membrane oxygenator (EMPO) is designed for medical professionals during medical procedures. It is primarily designed to prevent infections among staff and patients by capturing bacteria shed from the patient’s mouth and nostrils and preventing the spread of infection through droplets or liquid droppings from the patient’s mouth and nostrils.

Face Mask

Surgical masks are not designed to provide protection for patients, but they are designed to protect the surgeon from the hazards associated with surgical techniques. The masks should fit comfortably on the face and cover all the facial skin folds. They should provide enough coverage so that the face remains clear and the air can flow freely.

There are a variety of face masks available in the marketplace today. Most surgical face masks are rigid and do not allow for air flow. Patients usually wear them for a minimum of three hours after the surgery to allow for adequate drying. Some people prefer not to wear a face mask for several days after the operation.

Surgical face masks are designed using an inflatable type of latex which will keep the face dry while allowing the air to flow. The latex material can then be removed and replaced with a sterile disposable material. This allows a wide range of surgical masks to fit easily on any patient. They are designed using latex as the main material because it is a non-allergenic material that does not affect the immune system. Many surgeons prefer the latex mask because it is easy to clean and sterilize after use.

Latex masks can be purchased in disposable or reusable styles. Some surgical face masks require replacement after only three days of wear because the latex material begins to wick away and evaporate after a time. In such cases, a disposable or reusable surgical mask may be needed. Residual latex masks are useful for repeat surgical procedures because they are easy to wash and sterilize. Residue left behind on these masks will need to be washed out in a sterile saline solution before reuse.

Surgical masks can be customized to fit any patient and can be purchased online by medical practitioners at a low cost. These online sources can provide a wide range of face masks. to fit the needs of the practitioner and the patient. Most of these masks are designed to fit well on all facial areas of the face including the cheeks and temples. They come with instructions that are designed to help the user choose the right size for the patient.

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