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What is an Oral Mask?

A plastic surgery mask, commonly known as an oral mask, is typically worn by medical personnel during surgical procedures. It’s designed to effectively reduce or eliminate the spread of bacteria from the mouth to the nose and nasal cavities in order to avoid infections in the patient and treatment staff. It’s important to remember that these masks are designed for specific functions and not for cosmetic reasons. The purpose of these types of masks is to provide adequate protection and ventilation for the mouth and nose in order to protect the patients’ health.

Face Mask

An oral face mask is generally made up of two pieces; the base which hold the mask to the patient’s head, and the mask covering which is held up with straps. When wearing a face mask, it is important to maintain proper positioning while performing procedures. Some surgeons recommend that the patient should wear a mask from the neck to the chin area, but this is generally not recommended due to the risk of infection that may arise during the procedure. Instead it’s advised to wear the mask as close as possible to the nose to reduce the risk of infection or inflammation of the nose and mouth region.

In addition to preventing bacterial contamination during a surgical procedure it can also be beneficial during recovery. Infections can be prevented or managed when the face mask is worn during recovery.

While some people use their plastic surgery face masks while sleeping, this practice is highly discouraged due to the potential for infection. While sleeping, the mouth area can become inflamed and may allow moisture and infection to enter into the throat and esophagus, which can lead to serious health issues later in life. A dental infection can be one of the most serious complications that can occur if one is not careful when wearing a plastic surgery face mask. Even with proper hygiene, infection can occur during sleep and can potentially cause death if it’s not treated right away.

If a dental infection is allowed to persist for too long, it can actually lead to tooth loss, which can cause permanent damage to the teeth. This is why many medical facilities prohibit their employees from wearing dental masks while at work. Dental infections are caused by a build up of bacteria and debris in the mouth and can lead to infection of the mouth tissue and even damage the gums if not properly treated.

If a plastic surgery face mask is not worn properly during a surgical procedure or if it becomes contaminated it can lead to a variety of health complications including infection, blood clots, irritation of the mucous membranes of the eyes, throat, sinuses, or lungs, and swelling of the face or lips. If you or someone you care about is experiencing any of these symptoms or any other complications related medical problems or concerns, be sure to consult with your surgeon immediately and clean up any spillage or leakage promptly.

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