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What To Do With Your Face After A Face Mask?

Face masks are a very popular item at any party or event. So the question you may be asking is what to do with your face after you have finished your mask?

The easy answer is simply toss it. Your mask is a temporary solution and a fix until you have put together the most suitable makeup for your skin and hair. You should always apply your makeup when you are free of any other contaminants as the last thing you want is to introduce new chemicals into your skin and into your hair as well.

The next question would be what to do with your face after you have put on your makeup? Again, simple. Toilet paper will do but make sure you clean it properly before putting it away. If you use tissues the chemicals will still be present.

You will also need to put on your lipstick. There is no need to wait for your makeup to dry and you will also want to get a good sealer that will ensure that the lipstick does not transfer to your skin as it dries. This can easily happen, so make sure you use something like Vaseline to help seal the lipstick in place.

Once you have put on your lipstick, you will then want to use a concealer to cover up any areas that may have been damaged by the foundation or concealer. You can use concealer to darken an area of the face and use foundation to lighten it. Using concealer to lighten an area of the face means using a darker shade than normal so be careful.

The last step is to remove your mask. If you have had a chemical based mask this can be quite easy. Simply go to the toilet and take off the mask by gently pulling at the sides.

If you have been wearing a makeup type mask you will need to remove it by the same method and then put it away before applying your new makeup. This is a very important step as you do not want to remove the mask and find out after that you do not have the correct makeup on for the event.

Make sure that you wash your hands and always wear gloves if you have children. Also, make sure you look after yourself as the chemicals contained in the face mask can easily cause eye irritations and breathing problems.

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