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What to Look For in a Medical Face Mask

A medical face mask, also commonly referred to as a surgical face mask, is designed to be used by medical professionals during medical procedures. The black side of this mask is normally worn to the outside, with the lighter colored layer on the inside.

This mask has been in use in the medical industry since the 19th century, primarily to cover open wounds. It was then that it was made available to the public. While the basic design has remained virtually the same over the centuries, medical face masks have had a major redesign to accommodate today’s needs. They are now available in a variety of colors and designs to help prevent infection during surgical procedures.

These masks come in a number of different shapes. Some feature the basic oval shape, but there are also many with unique features. Some have multiple air vents at the sides, while others may feature only one or two. The most popular types are the “standard” and the “large” masks, both of which feature the large open air vents that allow for optimal air circulation around the facial area.

The size of these masks has a bearing on the type of face mask that will best fit the medical procedure in question. Most medical procedures will call for the use of a large face mask. In fact, if a face mask of any size is required, it should be chosen carefully so that there is adequate room for breathing while the surgical procedure is being performed. Most plastic surgeons will recommend that the patient have no more than a two inch difference between his or her ears and those of the surgical site when using these masks.

When choosing a face mask for a surgical procedure, the material that the mask will be made from is important. Since many face masks are sterile, the material should be as well. If possible, choose a face mask that is made out of sterile medical-grade silicone. Silicone is also often used in other medical equipment like a disposable mask that patients wear while they are waiting for their surgery to begin. It is also used in many dental work including filling crowns and tooth bridges.

The most important aspect of choosing a face mask for a surgical procedure is that it fits well, allowing for adequate air circulation. If a good fit is not a consideration when making this decision, then there are a number of other factors to consider including comfort and aesthetics.

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