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What to Look For When Buying a Face Mask

A face mask, sometimes called a cpap mask, is a thin, lightweight mask typically made of synthetic polyester or spandex fabric, worn to reduce or stop your snoring. Synthetic polyester is breathable, making it ideal for use in hot, dry climates; it’s also perfect for the summer because of its elastic properties. A cpap mask will be custom fit to your head, so it will prevent any slipping, kipping or twisting. Synthetic spandex is non-absorbent, preventing build-up of residue in your throat. While these masks don’t allow for great facial sweating, they do provide a barrier against any airborne contaminants that you may inhale while wearing your CPAP machine.

There are many different types of face masks available on the market today. The type you need will depend on the severity of your sleep apnea. These masks should be prescribed by your doctor, because each one is designed to work in different ways. Here are some of the most common masks:

Single-Sole Surgical Mask: This type of single-sole surgical mask offers a quick, comfortable fit and flexible airway design. The nose is completely covered by the mask, with only a small opening for your nasal passage. The soft fabric is comfortable, even when inflated. The top seal is adjustable, allowing you to breathe easy at night. You can also get a nose clip to go along with your single-sole mask.

Dual-Sole Surgery Mask: These dual-soles surgery face masks provide an improved seal with your nose. The soft material stretches to conform to your face, holding your nasal cavities in place while reducing your chance of breathing in moisture into your lungs. It’s very comfortable, breathable and lightweight. The dual-soles provide superior insulating value to reduce swelling. The hyaluronic acid filling is sealed tight to keep your skin smooth and young-looking.

Covid-19 Face Mask: The hyaluronic acid in our skin keeps our facial tissues plump. The elasticity of this capsule also keeps the skin supple, smooth and tone. The hyaluronic acid helps to balance moisture loss from the skin, while protecting the delicate tissues at the surface of your nose. A natural oval shape, the covid-19 face mask easily fits over any style of face.

Face Mask for Surgical Use: If the material your face mask is made from isn’t appropriate for your face or your lifestyle, don’t force yourself to wear it. If you have a special medical condition, discuss with your doctor before you buy your new surgical mask. Don’t wear a face mask while you’re pregnant or breast-feeding. Don’t wear a surgical mask if you suffer from allergies or asthma. Don’t use a cloth face mask if you’re a smoker or if you are under any kind of treatment for your teeth or gums. For many people these are guidelines, but always remember to consult with your cosmetic surgeon before buying and using any mask for the face.

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