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What To Look For When Buying Custom Face Masks

Custom face masks are a unique way to improve the health of your workforce while increasing productivity and preventing diseases such as asthma. When you visit theme parks, sporting events, hospitals, or other places of interest, don’t carry one of the disposable plastic face masks available to avoid getting contaminated by others. Instead, carry one or more custom face masks made especially for the purposes of personal hygiene and use them where they are needed. Your patients, visitors and colleagues will be grateful.

Printed face coverings can provide a variety of health benefits for the wearer. For example, the protective polymeric visor pads found in printed vinyl work wear are perfect for preventing the transmission of dust, mold, pollen and other airborne particles. Printed vinyl worker coverings are ideal for preventing the transmission of bacteria and viruses that cause serious diseases such as SARS, hepatitis, shingles and flu. In addition, these types of worker face coverings to protect the wearer’s eyes from ultraviolet (UV) light.

Custom face coverings provide a multitude of benefits to healthcare workers. These custom masks feature medical-grade vinyl that features built-in ear loops to prevent dirt, dust and debris from entering the ear canal. This allows workers to work in a more comfortable, germ-free environment.

Custom face masks also feature anti-microbial polymers that help reduce the spread of infection. They feature built-in ear loops to ensure that dirt, dust and debris are not able to enter the ear canal. Medical-grade vinyl is also used in the production of disposable facial cleanser pads, so that the pads are germ-free before being used on a regular basis. The high-quality material used to manufacture disposable wipes helps to ensure that the products are non-toxic. In addition, the anti-microbial polymers that are used to make these products have been shown to inhibit the growth and spread of all kinds of bacteria, including E. coli and salmonella.

Most medical and custodial staff use face masks in a variety of capacities. From protecting the eyes and face during surgical procedures to preventing the entry of dangerous bacteria during custodial staff duties, high quality 3 ply garments are the perfect solution. These 3 ply fabrics are available in a variety of standard colours, as well as custom colours that provide the professional service and appearance required by healthcare workers. 3 ply garments are able to be custom tailored to fit each individual, including measurements, so that the right fit is provided.

As a result of the standard uses of face masks, they can be manufactured in a variety of different materials. A popular option is to purchase standard vinyl face masks made from vinyl that is dyed to match a specific hospital or medical facility. In this case, the colour of the moulds can be changed to match the needs of the medical facility and the colour of the custom cloth masks that will be produced. If the organisation requires a higher level of customization than is possible with standard vinyl face masks, a specialist company may be able to design and produce a range of bespoke 3 Ply vinyl face masks that can be designed and produced to exacting standards.

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