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What to Look For When Purchasing a Face Mask

Face Mask

What to Look For When Purchasing a Face Mask

A plastic surgery face mask, also called a mid-face mask, is designed to be worn by medical personnel during standard health care procedures. Medical facial masks are designed to prevent infection in patients and reducing the risk of treating staff by capturing airborne bacteria and droplets in the mouth and nose of the patient. The use of this type of mask has made it much easier for medical staff to perform their duties because contamination in one area is less likely to lead to contamination in another area. Med-face masks have become a standard feature in many hospitals and clinics worldwide. The vast majority of these masks are either disposable or have an expiry date printed on them.

If you want to purchase a disposable plastic surgery face mask, you will need to buy a new disposable face mask rather than a reusable cloth face mask. This can be a simple process if you shop around a bit, as the price difference is usually quite large. You should check with your local hospital to find out if they still carry the same type of disposable face mask that you are used to wearing. You may prefer to keep your old one but it’s always worth visiting the hospital before you decide to throw it away.

After using the disposable plastic mask it is important that you clean the area thoroughly to remove any residual contaminates and disinfect the mask. Cleaning the mask can be done with disinfecting wipes which can be purchased at most pharmacies, or with an alcohol wipe or wiping pad. After wiping the mask clean you will need to ensure that the droplets fall into the holder provided with the mask. This is achieved by placing the droplets onto the holder and pushing the holder down into the fabric.

Exhalation Valves are another important component of these masks as they help to prevent your nose from being blocked by the fabric. The masks have two different types of exhalation valves to choose from; open and closed. The closed exhalation valve has a small hole in it while the open valve has a larger hole in it. When you are breathing through one of the masks, you will need to make sure to breathe through the hole provided for this purpose and not through the mouthpiece or nose. If you feel that your nose is clogged you can open the valve further or you may have to have the bridge of the nose rebuilt as the older versions were prone to breaking.

It has been established that the biggest factor when determining the level of social distancing is proximity. The further away you are from a person when they are breathing their air the less likely you are to feel like breathing at all. Therefore, it is recommended that you purchase a mask that is at least six feet away from your face when you are attempting to inhale. Masks designed for social distancing are usually made from fabrics that do not give off a pungent odor when they are used to breathe.

One aspect to consider when selecting a mask is your skin type. Some masks may contain ingredients that will work for you but there are also others that will not. The masks that contain skin care ingredients are designed to keep your skin clean and healthy while not causing any negative side effects. The masks that do not contain such ingredients tend to leave a residue on your face which can lead to a longer wearing time for the mask because of the build up of excess oil on your skin type.

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