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What You Need to Know Before You Buy a Face Mask

A face mask, also called a nasal mask, is a thick, padded mask designed to rest against the face, often over the nose and cheeks. These masks have many varied uses. Some of the more popular applications include cold and flu prevention, treatment of allergies, as well as the prevention or treatment of headaches. When using a nasal mask for one of these purposes, it’s important that the mask itself fit properly.

A face mask made from a tight weave of cloth, called a cat face mask, is generally used for cold and flu prevention. Although this is true, a fabric face mask will allow your breath to freely flow through your mouth. As with all cpap equipment, if you’re using a face mask for cold and flu prevention, then you’ll want one that is adjustable. If physical distancing isn’t possible, and if no more advanced than basic nasal therapy equipment is available, then a cloth face mask would be your best option. This will allow you to breathe easily yet maintain a steady air flow through your nose.

Face shields, or face masks, which aren’t specifically for the cold or flu prevention cause, can also be worn to promote other things as well. For example, during sports many athletes will wear protective head gear to prevent their heads from being hit too hard by the ball, thus reducing the risk of injury. During yoga practice, face shields can also help keep the rest of your body aligned while you focus on the breathing and stretching. They are also worn during night time as a means of protecting your eyes from harmful light.

The purpose of the face mask may not be to prevent injuries, but it can still help you breathe easier while wearing your mask. As I mentioned before, during sports sometimes physical distancing from the instructor or other students is impossible. While most people in this situation would probably let go of their distractions, there are those who continue to pay attention to what is going on around them. When wearing a mask, the only thing that you are focusing on is breathing and nothing else, so wearing a mask can help keep you focused.

Face masks can also be worn for other reasons, too. Surgical masks may be used during operations to hold open sutures or as a means of helping you breathe. General surgical masks are also used during some procedures. While it is not always required, most surgeons will prefer patients to have at least six feet of space from their lungs to allow for proper ventilation. If you find yourself in the position of having to use the bathroom in such close proximity to someone’s lungs, then a surgical mask may be your solution.

While these are examples, most masks may come in a variety of styles and functions. Remember that the purpose of the mask is to keep you from breathing in or out and keeping the space between you and the person you are talking with clear. These devices may be made to be somewhat uncomfortable but if they fail to protect you from infection or damage, then they should be replaced. There are very few circumstances in which wearing one of these devices would pose a risk to your health, even in the rare chance of an emergency, so make sure that you choose one carefully.

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