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What’s the Difference Between a Medical Face Mask and a Cosmetic Face Mask?

A medical face mask is generally called a surgical face mask because it is designed to be worn only by medical professionals during medical procedures. These masks are often designed to prevent infection by capturing bacteria and moisture that might be shed from the patient’s mouth and nose, and then preventing the contamination from spreading to other areas. They are available in a variety of styles, from basic to ornate. Some masks have additional medical functions, such as the ability to hold sutures or to cover the eyes. Some medical face masks include an oxygen tank for ventilation.

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Surgical face masks can be made with a wide range of materials. Often they are made from acrylic (clear plastic) or polyurethane (plastic resin) in order to minimize the risk of bacteria shedding into the air. These types of masks have a rubberized backing that prevents them from falling off, although it does allow for some movement. However, if the mask falls off while being used for surgery, the patient may have difficulty breathing through the mouth mask or the air valve may become blocked. This is especially a problem when patients are sedated and cannot feel the mask at all.

Surgical face masks that are used for cosmetic purposes often have clear lenses, which allow the surgeon to see clearly through the glasses. These types of masks can also include a ventilation port that allows the surgeon to administer oxygen. However, the mask itself can be colored for any medical reason. It may also have additional features, including the ability to hold sutures or to cover the eyes.

The type of surgical face mask that is most commonly used for medical purposes is a disposable one that is worn during the procedure. The face mask has a soft inner liner that fits comfortably over the forehead and nose, and a durable outer surface that contains a mouthpiece that is held in place by a Velcro fastener. The mouthpiece has holes where the sutures or stitches will be placed. After the sutures are removed, the face mask can be reused for another procedure.

Surgical face masks are used to reduce discomfort during a procedure. They prevent irritation to the face and reduce the possibility of infection. When used properly, they can prevent pain and keep the patient comfortable. Patients may be required to remove the mask and wash their face in the shower following surgery to reduce the spread of bacteria. When used for cosmetic purposes, the face mask is designed to make the patient look more attractive. or even enhance the appearance of a scar, and help patients retain their self-confidence. Many cosmetic face masks include special trays, goggles, eye pads, or disposable nose covers.

Disposable face masks can be found in all areas that sell medical products. They can also be purchased online. Prices vary depending on size, color, style, and purpose. There are many websites dedicated to selling them. Some medical supply stores even offer these types of masks at discount prices.

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