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Which Type of Medical Alert Mask Should You Wear?

A face mask, often called a cpap mask (continuous positive airway pressure), is a thin mask, usually made of polyester or sometimes spandex, worn specifically over the nose and mouth. When physical distancing is almost impossible, and when other effective masks aren’t available, cloth face masks offer the closest thing to natural breathing. They’re comfortable to wear, and they keep the air moving through your nasal passages. If you suffer from sleep apnea, a face mask can help you sleep through the night.

Unfortunately, not all face masks work as well as they should. In fact, there are quite a few horror stories about face masks in public places that have reportedly caused people to go blind, develop infections, become severely ill, or even die. Despite these stories, many patients still choose to wear these protective devices. But there’s good news – there are now much better face masks. There are many new styles, types, and features that have been developed since the days of the old, uncomfortable CPAP mask.

The first difference between a regular CPAP and a face mask that work to fight against germs and stop respiratory infections is the material used. The most common material used for both these devices is neoprene, which has a small amount of gas-filled space between its layers. Neoprene is also very lightweight, meaning it will quickly conform to the shape of your face so that no air can escape. It won’t trap dust or dirt, which means it doesn’t allow viruses or bacteria to bind and stay in place. And because it’s thin, it allows very little contamination of the air.

However, if you don’t like the idea of having a face mask permanently attached to your face, you have plenty of other options. The next time you visit the doctor, you might see him recommending a pair of neoprene face masks instead. These are more comfortable than traditional masks, but they still serve the same purpose – to prevent particles from entering your airway. They are very similar to the ones doctors use when they are making surgery decisions – except these are used to treat patients who are currently unwell, and not those who are just waiting for a medical procedure to take place.

Another option that may make a bit of sense is wearing FDA approved tight-fitting, closed-face N95 respirators. Although these devices aren’t as popular as CPAP and facemasks, they’re definitely worth looking into. FDA-approved tight-fitting N95 respirators fit tightly over your nose and mouth, and they also keep your mouth closed so you don’t breathe in any bacteria. The problem with this type of mask is that it is meant for adults, so you’ll need to be over the age of 18 to purchase one. This also means you will need a prescription for it, which can prove problematic if you are not a medical professional.

One of the newest and most interesting types of face coverings are called Covid-masks, or “Covid-Nose” masks. As the name suggests, these products fit snugly over your nose, allowing you to breathe easier – and they look just like your favourite T-shirt! They are extremely comfortable to wear and they come in a range of styles, including long-sleeved versions, to give you the freedom of movement you need while wearing the device.

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