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Why Dental Hygiene is Important to Your Mouth and What to Wear

A medical face mask, also called an oral surgical mask is designed to be worn regularly by medical professionals while treating patients with medical conditions. Oral surgical masks are designed to prevent infections by catching infectious bacteria and shedding mucus droplets and liquids from the patient’s mouth and nasal area. Oral surgery masks are used to cover the nose and mouth of patients undergoing dental or plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures such as ear reconstruction, rhinoplasty, nose jobs and blepharoplasty.

The most common infections that oral surgical masks to prevent are pneumonia, staph infections, gum disease and oral herpes. They are also useful for treating patients with cuts or abrasions. Patients who have undergone chemotherapy are sometimes given oral surgical masks to help minimize the risks of infection after the treatment. Oral surgical masks may be custom-made to order from a pharmacy. The FDA has approved disposable dental surgical masks as effective for use in cosmetic surgeries.

While some dental offices require patients to use disposable dental and oral surgical masks, the majority of offices allow patients to wear dental and oral surgical masks they make themselves. In addition, many clinics provide a cleaning and disinfection service on a regular basis, which is another reason that patients choose to use their own disposable face masks. When purchasing disposable face masks, consider the type of surgery you are having done and the level of infection prevention needed.

When choosing a disposable face mask you can look for one that will fit properly and still provide the protection you need. Make sure that your surgical mask is disposable and you choose a quality brand name such as Klear. If you are buying online, check for reviews of the brand you are looking at.

If you need dental surgery or plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures performed, make sure to discuss your options with a doctor or dentist at the plastic surgeon’s office or hospital before going in. It is best to choose a disposable face mask that is made of vinyl and not acrylic. Acrylic masks can be difficult to clean and disinfect. If your surgery involves any type of cosmetic procedure, you should also discuss this with your cosmetic surgeon and dental hygienist.

Dental hygiene is essential to maintaining good oral health. Always remember that it is your responsibility to keep your mouth clean. and clear of any germs and bacteria.

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