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Why Do I Need to Wear a Surgical Face Mask?

A surgical face mask is usually called a sterile medical face mask and is meant to be worn only by doctors. The white side of the face mask should be held outwards, with the dark colored side in place over the eyes. In most cases, the surgical face mask is not worn during normal day-to-day activities.

For several years, surgical face masks have been used for treating many different surgical procedures such as facial adhesions, facial fractures, and facial injuries. During focal adhesions, which are often caused by trauma to the face, a surgical face mask allows the surgeon to perform the procedure on an injured patient without accidentally injuring the face itself. In some cases, facial fractures may require the removal of some or all of the face’s facial fat tissue. Without a face fat layer, the face would become too brittle and susceptible to breakage.

Another surgical procedure that requires wearing a surgical face mask is cosmetic surgery. A face-lift or face reduction may need to be performed on patients who have lost a large amount of weight. During a face-lift, the surgeon removes excess skin from around the face, making it look more symmetrical and proportionate to the new shape. During a face reduction, the surgeon removes a large amount of tissue from one or both sides of the face, which results in a reduction of the overall size of the face.

During liposuction, an incision is made in the area of the body where a large quantity of fat has accumulated. One or more tubes, which are known as canola, are inserted into the fat, which force the fat molecules out through small openings in the cannula. The end result of this is that the patient’s body becomes lighter, giving him or her a slimmer appearance. During the liposuction procedure, the surgeon will remove a large quantity of body fat and then replace it with muscle. This process may require a face lift or a facial reduction as well.

During laser resurfacing, surgical face masks are often used during an outpatient laser hair removal treatment. Patients who wish to have laser hair removal performed at home, may choose to wear a surgical face mask while they are under the laser. The dark side of the surgical mask protects the light-colored area on the face from the laser beam.

Many patients are also chosen for surgical face masks when they are undergoing breast augmentation, as this type of procedure may cause scarring. Some patients who have had their breast augmentation done in the past may also prefer to wear a surgical face mask. Although the surgeon will typically recommend wearing a surgical face mask while under the laser, he or she will also make sure that the patient wears it if he or she desires. Because scarring can occur during laser resurfacing, the scar can sometimes be so small that it is invisible to the eye.

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