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Why Face Masks Protect Public Health

Face masks, also called masques, are the most popular cosmetic procedure in the world. There are many varieties to choose from. Some are used for acne treatment while others are used to treat wrinkles and fine lines. Some are applied before and others are used after surgery. Face masks can be made of different materials such as plastic, paper, wool, or even cloth. All have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Face Mask

A surgical mask, also called a liquid mask, is simply a thin mask, typically made of absorbent material, which is worn on the face over the nose and mouth. While some surgical masks are made with medical grade silicone or nitrile, most are made from a material which is easily disposable, such as a cotton ball or soft cotton washcloth. When medical grade surgical masks aren’t available, and if practical distancing is impossible, then cloth face masks can be worn. They are generally the least comfortable of all three types. The face must be held directly upright for at least a few seconds, after which the cloth pulls away from the face resulting in a “baggy” appearance.

The surgical nose, which is often colored black or blue, is another popular face mask item used at plastic or reconstructive surgery centers. It is worn by the plastic or reconstructive surgeon before the patient arrives for treatment. This piece of equipment is very important as it keeps the patient comfortable during the operation. Surgeons place sterile plastic strips or drops inside the nostrils before they apply their anesthesia. Most nasal strips or drops are kept in a small compartment which is taken home with the patient after the procedure.

The most common material used in face sewing or preparing for surgery, is silicone. It is inexpensive, flexible, and widely available. Many surgeons prefer silicone because it is easy to clean, doesn’t absorb fluids, and resists color and odor. There are a variety of surgical masks that feature silicone, including nasal, forehead, and underarm surgical masks.

Currently, one of the most popular items sold in the United States is the “Pandemic Preparedness Gear”, a full face mask. It is intended for general use by patients, general health care workers, and emergency personnel. Pandemic preparation gear is designed to help fight against the flu and common cold in preparation for when the next flu season arrives. It is one of the best selling items among retailers.

Pandemic preparedness gear usually includes a flu mask, nasal spray, extra long nose bandages, anti-nausea medication, eye drops, and cough syrup, among other necessary items. Some of these items are commonly used by plastic surgeons. Plastic surgeons prefer these products to ensure that their patients are comfortable during the procedure. Plastic surgeons feel that using special face masks protects their patients’ nasal cavity, mouth, and eyes from the complications often associated with the common cold. Therefore, face masks to protect the general public from serious health threats.

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