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Why Fortnite Loves Everyone So Much

The new, hottest trend in games, especially online and downloaded ones, is customization – and customization is at its best when it comes to loot crates, which are essentially little packets of items you can buy for low prices to give as gifts to players while playing the game. The most popular loot crates are those associated with popular TV shows like Survivor, Exo, The Mentalist, The Scorpion King, Chuck and lots more. But now you can add your own personal touch to those crate-type gifts!

One of the simplest ways to customize your loot crates is to make them Fortnite themed. This adorable, tiny loot bag comes in over eight different shapes, including a couple of very unique shapes that aren’t found on any of the above loot bags. The coolest part about these little treasures is that they are extremely easy to break apart so that you can open up the individual parts to be used in your next battle. This handy little Fortnite speaker is also capable of playing music for up to four hours on a single battery and comes in many other Fortnite-inspired shapes, as well.

To add your own personal touch to another player’s loot crate, use the Fortnite BattleRipper. The BattleRipper is a unique tool that allows you to cut down any object, be it a human or a monster, in half with only one shot. When used on a human, it cuts the player in two, but it cuts them in half if the Fortnite BattleRipper is used on a monster. As you can clearly see, the BattleRipper is an incredibly powerful gifting item, since it not only makes a great sounding gag gift, but it also has a lot of uses in the game!

Last but certainly not least, we have the ultimate in practicality – the Nerf N Strike Saver. For any seasoned Nerf player, the Nerf N Strike Saver is without a doubt the most useful piece of equipment that you could ever find. What it does is it stores all of your dropped Nerf balls (the balls that your child drops onto the ground) inside a special chamber that allows you to easily pop out the ball before it hits the ground. What’s even better is that this saver looks and works exactly like the original nerf balls, so you can actually play games with it as if it was a traditional ball. The Saver definitely keeps your life in shape while playing!

If you’re looking for a really cute and unique gift idea, you might want to take a look at the Fortnite Saver. The saver looks just like the original footnote balls and works exactly like they do. It looks and functions exactly like the original one, and when you pop it out you can actually see that it goes spherical before it hits the floor. The Saver is also great because it stores the balls in a special chamber that you can use to store it anywhere in your house, and it has a long cord so that you can carry it around easily when you need to. This is the perfect gift for a young girl, and it is really going to brighten up her room when she receives it as a present.

These are three great ideas that you can give as gifts, no matter what your loved ones like or hobbies are. The next time you need to buy something for a holiday or other occasion, why not consider some of the fun, quirky items that are available. You will be pleasantly surprised with all the different varieties that you can purchase, and you can even get Fortnite gifts that will make everyone love you even more. Don’t spend another minute worrying about what to buy them this holiday season! Take a few minutes to read the information below, and you can soon find some very thoughtful, great ideas for that perfect gift.

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