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Why Use a Face Mask?

A face mask is also referred to as a mouth guard, a face splint, or a dental splint. It is usually designed to be worn by medical professionals in healthcare settings such as hospitals and dental offices in preventing infection on patients and treating staff members by capturing bacteria in droppings and liquid droplets from the patient’s mouth. Many health care facilities employ this procedure because of the serious nature of infections that are caused by bacteria. However, it is also often used as an effective cosmetic surgery tool, particularly to reduce sagging skin, wrinkles, or lines.

The face mask is often made of a thick, non-porous material such as silicone or latex. Most face masks are removable to clean the face, but some face masks can only be cleaned with disposable plastic covers. A face splint can be removed for cleaning and to avoid contamination of the plastic cover.

A face mask is normally worn on the face, neck, or cheeks for the purposes of reducing or preventing contact with the facial areas. One of the most common reasons to wear a face mask is when a patient is undergoing anesthesia. Anesthesia can be very damaging to the skin, so wearing a face shield reduces exposure to the sterile needle. In addition to protecting the skin, the mask is used to support the head and neck in a specific position. A mask may also be used to provide support to the forehead for patients who experience excessive drooping in the forehead.

Some doctors prefer to use face masks in conjunction with lasers for their treatment. Laser skin resurfacing can be a very painful treatment for many patients, and some may find that wearing a face shield provides some protection from the pain. Some patients have reported a reduction in the size of the scars caused by laser treatments. A face shield is also used as part of other treatments to correct deformities in the face, such as cleft lip or cleft palate.

Face shields have also been used by athletes in contact sports as a way to reduce the impact of being hit during play. These shields reduce the stress that is placed on the face and skull, and can help prevent serious injuries from occurring. It can also protect the face from burns caused by a ball, causing the skin to heal more quickly.

A face shield may also be used as part of a dental procedure to reduce sensitivity to light, while reducing the risk of injury to the patient’s face. As a result, people who have poor eyesight may find it more comfortable to wear a mask in sunlight. While traditional eye drops may help reduce irritation, they may not provide protection from high levels of light. It is also recommended that patients wear sunglasses when outdoors because of the potential glare that is caused by sunlight.

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