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Why Wearing a Face Mask is Important

A cloth face mask is essentially a face mask designed from common fabrics, most often cotton, worn to the face for treatment. While face masks with a loofah sponge, clay or sand base have become the most popular, there are many other face mask options out there that you may want to consider, such as a skin firming mask that uses clay extracts. Loofah sponges are a great way to exfoliate without the discomfort and sometimes painful scrubbing. They can also leave behind residue, so you may want to look for one that does not. A clay mask, while more expensive than some of the other options, can offer unique properties and is worth checking out.

Face masks typically have two parts: The exhalation valve, which release the steam through the face mask itself; and the vent area, which contain the steam for inhalation. Face masks also typically contain ingredients that can help heal and tone the skin, including aloe vera and vitamins A and E. Some brands even have ingredients to help fight bacteria and to help clear the pores from excess oil and dirt. Face masks can be worn as regularly as needed or on certain days or weeks depending on your skin type and what you want to achieve.

Nasal strips are another alternative to using a face mask. Many people find that using these every day keeps their nasal passages clear. They are worn underneath the nose and can fit snugly against the bridge of the nose, covering the nose completely. They do require a few weeks of wear before they are entirely effective, but they are much easier to remove than a face mask. They are worn just once or twice a week, depending on how often you wear the strips and how clean you keep the nasal passages.

Breathable air purifiers are another option for those who desire a constant supply of clean air. These can be made from either breathable or non-breathable materials. The breathable face masks can have fabric filters that are used to catch any impurities in the air. The air purifiers breathe them in, then the filter is removed and discarded, leaving a dry, clean surface. Most are easy to clean, although some will need to be cleaned and sanitized before use.

There are many benefits to both using and wearing a face mask. It is important that general public safety is met wherever possible. Health officials are using them as a preventative method for diseases like the flu. If you or someone you know is sick with a common illness or has been diagnosed with one, it is important to ensure proper care is taken. Wearing a face mask while exercising is also highly recommended to protect against infections and other bacteria that can spread quickly.

While most cloth masks can be washed and reused, others should not. Some are specifically made for gentle washing and sanitizing. For example, there are ones designed for babies. Babies commonly experience a lot of skin irritation. In this case, simply removing the liner and replacing with a soft cotton cloth will typically suffice. While adult masks can generally be washed and reused, there are special ones designed for cleaning and sanitizing.

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