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Why You Should Not Put Your Face Mask On First

A face mask, sometimes called a facial mask, is a clean, plastic mask worn around the nose and mouth to remove excess dirt and moisture. Facial masks can be either disposable or permanent. While a cloth face mask can be quickly and easily washed and reused, a plastic or metal face mask requires a special procedure to clean and sterilize before each use. When physically demanding masks are impossible, and if fewer efficient masks are available, a cloth face mask has several advantages:

While there may have been some temporary relief from seasonal flu outbreaks in the past, the recent epidemic of swine flu has increased fear among the general public that any unguarded skin can become a target for the virus. To date, no known cure has been developed for the virus, which kills about a hundred individuals each year. Millions of people around the world have been forced to take aggressive steps to protect themselves from the dangers posed by this potentially deadly virus. In response to this need, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has regulated the sale of face masks to ensure that these devices are reliable, effective, safe, and properly used.

As a result, there are many quality brands of face masks on the market today that do not require washing with soap and water after each use. If you choose to use these masks, you can simply remove them after the specified application period and allow them to dry. Some brands of these masks include; Touchex, Babyliss, Biolex, Nature2 Veil, Biokleen, and Purell. You should always read the instructions on the label before applying any of these products so you can ensure the product is compatible with your specific skin type.

While it is recommended that you should not wash your hands prior to applying these masks, some people prefer that they should be pre-moistened with water before applying these products to their faces. A common problem that people experience when using these masks is that the mask can slide down your chin causing uncomfortable pressure points in the area where the mask is applied. To prevent this from happening, it is recommended that you wear a face mask with two layers. The two layers should be taped to your face to ensure the full coverage of the mask. This will also help to provide protection against the shifting wind currents in the area.

Many individuals often wonder if wearing a face mask will actually prevent them from contracting a form of facial acne known as “Pimplefect.” Unfortunately, there is no one way to completely stop yourself from developing pimples. However, the wearing of a facial mask will certainly help to reduce the breakout of this highly irritating skin blemish. There is good news for those suffering from this affliction, because it does appear that the incidence of pimples increases after an individual begins to get close to his or her teen years. Unfortunately, there is still no way to determine exactly how this happens or why, but it is safe to say that teenagers are more susceptible to pimples because of the hormonal imbalances that occur during this crucial time in their life.

If you do find that you have Pimplefect, then one of the many Pimplepen products available on the market should help to clear up the problem. Some examples of the most effective Pimplepen include Dr. Comic (a very powerful anti-bacterial treatment), Clorox, and Burt’s Bees Natural Pore Cleaner. Before applying any type of face mask to your skin, it is important that you always test a small amount on your hand. Some of the treatments may cause some mild to moderate reddening, but this mild reddening is not always enough to actually contract Pimplefect. It is also important to remember that treatment products should only be used on clean, soft skin.

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